Boy, am I glad wonko's is the first writeup in this node. I went into this movie expecting the worst, and left feeling my $6.50 had been well-spent. It's fast, fun, and even has its scary moments. I conceed that the end of the movie was its worst moment* -- ten seconds of explanation was all we needed. Something along the lines of, "The U.N. resolved to firebomb the island, we had to make sure there was no-one left alive." But no. The dinosaurs looked great, and their fights amongst themselves were, in a word, spectacular. Sounds, crushed vegetation, integration with the live-action characters were all great. It's not Shakespeare -- some of the dialogue was pretty awful -- but it's good enough, as is the acting.


I'm sorry tandex can't see that from his high horse. His loss.

Fryed says "The reason the whole army showed up was that Laura Dern's character's husband worked for the DoJ, doing foreign relations stuff (or something like that), so he presumably had connections." Still, the response was enourmous and overnight. Just didn't sit well -- it felt entirely off hand.