A Puyo Puyo-like shareware game for the Macintosh by John Stiles. Was originally called Skittles 2, as it was an improvement on a simpler near-clone called Skittles, but apparently the copyright issues finally caught up with him.

Gameplay differences between the original Puyo Puyo and Candy Crisis include the existence of two additional "candy" colors, "Crazy Candies" which take on the color of a nearby piece, bombs which blow up all candies of the color of the piece that the bomb landed on, and the fact that if more than four candies explode at once and some transparent candies are queued up to fall on you, pieces are subtracted from your queue before they're added to your opponent's.

Other features of this $25 program include being able to view the best chain reaction that you've executed, a more Tetris-like solitaire mode, and excellent music. Now if the thing were only networkable it'd be perfect... sharing a keyboard to play a two-player game is awkward.