An alternative to the How to fight and not get your ass kicked node. Most of what that node says is good, but the basic philosophy behind it is flawed. Assume you're in a situation where the only option is to fight another human being in single combat. The ideal goal in that situation isn't to avoid getting hurt, but to hurt the other person as quickly as possible, so as to make it impossible for them to hurt you. Every moment you spend on the defensive is another moment in which your opponent has a opportunity to attack you. Give someone enough opportunities, and you're bound to get hit sooner or later, no matter how good you are at defense.

The only option is to hit them before they hit you. Start with something quick and painful, but not necessarily damaging. A good solid kick to the shins is a great way to start things off. Below their peripheral vision, impossible to block, hard to dodge without throwing yourself off balance, and damn painful to boot (pun fully intended). The kick is just meant as a distraction. Once you've done that, go nuts - punch, kick, gouge, claw, anything you can to do damage. Go for the soft spots - eyes, throat, stomach/solar plexus, groin, anywhere and everywhere. The point of fighting isn't to be fair and sportsmanlike, the point of fighting is to win.

As was stated in how to not fight and not get your ass kicked not fighting at all is a much better idea than fighting. At any point during the fight, if you see an opportunity to run away without exposing yourself or someone else to harm, do so. At the start of my very first karate class, my sensei made it clear that the single best self-defense equipment available was a good pair of running shoes. If you see a chance to run before the fight starts, do so. If your kick to the shins distracts them enough to give you an opening, take it. No matter what, leave at the first opportunity. The less time you spend near someone who wants to hurt you, the less likely it is that they will succeed.