They are there, all around me watching my every move as I stalk her with my eyes, the girl across the room, the one who reminds me of a life I thought I forgot. Like a subtle reminder she calls out to me in my mind conjuring up places and faces, people I can no longer find. Love grows cold now, I have had my belly full of this and that. The need for female companionship, to talk, to trust, its just the way it is, some times I can not talk that way to me. When you say potato I say patattah.

I am calm as any breeze and I am still staring. I don't think they notice. I don't think any one knows, so far away, so paranoid. I creep like a womb. I need to be inside my friends and like a vampire to suck, to become a personality that is compatible, to be more than a niche. I am stuck now and I need to know, what it is about you that will not let me grow. Past the small talk, past the shit, I want to get inside your head, to spread your guts out and scri your rune, to taste your soul and drink your rhythm. The connection is to weak, you are not near all I once was or am, I am weak, to rigid now. I wont step outside my mold.

To break this glass or that would be an empty gesture now as I crawl in to meet my voided crowd of gawker's. Always thinking about me and thats how I should know, to see and look, I hear them, whispering at me, why else do heads turn. Silence comes now and I stare at them all, the pages are turning, next book, new subject. The same, they are all the same and I am still sitting here paralyzed in part with fear and in part confusion.

I can't help but wonder who it is that takes the time, to note it all down, to say whats yours and mine. To push these soulless continents on us, these sets, these things called friends or acquaintances. The evolution of a life time singing about whats yours and mine. The lights grow dim and the hall is quite now, another lecture, it is about to begin.