The result:
Iain Duncan Smith was elected, but the results were delayed a day and massively overshadowed by the World Trade Center attacks.
The Conservative Party is in turmoil: Think of an empty "Conservative Party" nodeshell with thousands of soft linked party factions but no content. The party is just about ready to rip itself apart (having threatened to do this over the issue of membership of the European Union for the past 10 years).

Until June 2001, they were led by William Hague, who was seen as unelectable on account of his being both bald (no seriously, that was his main fault as seen by the press!) and a politics geek.

He stepped down after their massive defeat in the 2001 Election and a ridiculous leadership contest is now underway.

The main contestants were Michael Portillo (a man with whom most of the UK population could at least relate and who seemed certain to be the victor), Iain Duncan Smith (a right wing and fairly unheard of chap with funny eyebrows) and Kenneth Clarke (an old, pro-European stalwart of an earlier era).

Somehow, due to the intricacies of the Tory's voting system, Portillo, having initially the most votes from Tory MPs was eliminated from the running as a number of also-rans dropped out and voiced their support for the other candidates. Two members were to go forward to the ballot of the Party membership and thus, the Conservative Party now find themselves in the surprising circumstance where they must replace an unelectable leader with either of an extreme right-winger (Smith) or a controversial pro-European who is been a paid consultant of the Tobacco lobby (Clarke).

The future would not seem to bode well for the party!.
Latest: the Party membership will soon be balloted, expect updates!
Just to say that andydougan's w/u below is absolutely correct. There is a very good chance IMHO that the party could split in two depending on the outcome
Re Anne Widdicome as salimfadhley nodes below, here is precisely what my roommate said to me when we heard on BBC News that she had put her name forward:

"I thought the Tories were already out of touch, but could you imagine a 50 year-old virgin becoming Prime Minister of Britain?"

His words, not mine; I did laugh though