Ghost Road, Ontario, Canada

If you're ever visiting Toronto, Ontario, and have a car, you may want to take a 2hr trip to Ghost Road. The story goes:

In 1965, a kid on his motorbike was racing home on farm back roads in the community on Scugog Island in the township of Port Perry, Ontario. There was a huge down pour that night, the road was very muddy and visibility was poor. Racing home as fast as he could to get out of the rain, he made a real fast left turn on to Consession Road 3 and slammed into a fence at about 60 mph. The next day the police found his mangled bike, his bloodied body, but his head was never found. He was decapitated by a wire fence on the corner of Consession road 3 and Willows Line. A short time afterwards, teenagers who frequently partied on Consession Road 3 during weekend nights began to report sightings of a strange light that would flicker and appear as if it's moving down the road. Once the light hits the corner, it flickers out and goes out.

The light is described as a large ball of "dull" light. It is very visible but does not reflect. On rare occasions, a secondary, smaller "red" light can be seen trailing the white light. The red light is thought to be the "tail-light" when he slammed on his breaks.

Now, you have to understand the geography of this road. This road is located on Scugog Island - A real Island that you can only get to from Island Road. When you get near consession road 3, the only thing you'll see is heavy woods, marsh and in the distance, black water (Lake Scugog). As you move even closer to Ghost Road, the woods thicken on either side of the back roads. The roads turn from paved to dirt. They narrow. It's pitch black due to the lack of street lights. It's truely creepy, even without this Ghost Story.

Here's the instructions for seeing the ghost.

When you drive down Island Road, before it bends, look for Consession road 12 on your right. Travel eastbound on 12 for about 1 mile. You'll notice fields turning into trees and the neighboorhood lights fading in the distance. The third road to your right is Consession road 3 - Or better known as "GHOST ROAD"! Turn right on this road (if you dare). Travel slowly Northbound on this road. You may see the occasional car, or the occasional band of beer drinking teenagers. You may see a van rythmically rocking back and forth (this road serves other purposes as well as Ghost Hunting). Etiquette states to stay as far as possible from the other cars. When you see the stop sign in the distance, you're too close. Back up a bit. Park your car on the right of the road. Turn off your engine and your lights. Now flash your high beams a couple of times and wait.

As you sit watching intently in the distance, you begin to lose your bearing of height and depth. Your eyes become adjusted to the night. Suddenly, a light appears, directly ahead of you! Your heart stops - for an instance. You say "What the f*** is that?" - you watch. The light begins to move towards the stop sign. It stops, flickers and goes out, flashing a few times. Ugh.

I've been to Ghost Road many times, starting from 1985. My last visit was in 1992, and I have seen the "Ghost" almost every visit. I even went there in the middle of a thunder shower, at midnight, when no-one else was around, and saw the thing.

Some people report feeling their car "shake" right before the ghost appears. Other people (including myself) have felt a strange sensation of being "watched" from the woods.

Once, I was there with two friends. While we were waiting, all three of us suddenly looked to the right into the woods. We all looked at each other and all said rythmically "Let's get the hell out of here". We could not determine the explanation for our haste to leave. We had been there numerous times before. Something just told us - not to be there that night.

Consession 3 was officially named "GHOST ROAD" in 1982 by the town's charter. Road signs bearing the words "Ghost Road" were commonly stolen - The town gave up on replacing these signs. This story was featured on W5 and to this day no explanation can be found. Sure you'll hear skeptics say "It's car headlights in the distance", but these are the skeptics who have never been to Ghost Road and experienced it first hand.

Another interesting piece of information is the 1990 Ghost Road murder. A 17 year old girl was murdered there, her body found shortly after her death. The murderer was never found and the cause of death was due to "strangulation".

Getting to Ghost Road from Toronto

Feeling Brave? Here's the directions (assuming you're in the downtown core) Take Yonge Steet all the way South until you hit the Gardiner Express Way
Take the Gardinder East until it ends. You're now at the DVP. Take this North all the way to Highway 7.
Take Hwy 7 east until it turns into 7a. Take 7a North-East until you come into Scugog. (You'll see a sign: WELCOME TO SCUGOG)
Now look for Island Road on your left. This is the road that takes you to the Island.
Follow remaining directions above

Remember to have a reliable car, plenty of gas, door locks that work, a weapon, and DO NOT GO ALONE!