A light-hearted sci-fi comedy that, after bombing abysmally when released in 1984, became a cult classic due to its campy storyline and cheesy dialogue, not to mention the fact that folks are running around with lasers while dressed in chain mail.

Something like a spoof of Star Trek and Star Wars with some castration jokes, The Ice Pirates stars Robert Urich as Jason, the leader of a band of ice pirates (surprised?), attacking and plundering great space cruisers for the most valuable material in space - ice. See, everyone needs water, but it's hard to come by unless you're rich. Anyhow, after being captured, Jason and his first mate Roscoe (played by Michael D. Roberts) are sold into slavery to the princess Karina (Mary Crosby) who recruits them to find her father, who disappeared after finding out too much about the established power structure.

The votes on IMDB follow the Bell curve almost exactly, with a slight skew towards the positive, so reactions are mixed. I'd say give this movie a try if it's "99 cent Tuesdays" at Mr. Movies, or get it right now if you like bad movies.

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