Arachne is also a the name of a small, fast, graphical web browser made by Arachne Labs. It was originally written as a fullscreen browser for MS-DOS, but has since been ported to Linux using GGI. The MS-DOS branch is currently at version 1.70, while the Linux port is at version 1.66 alpha. The binaries of both versions weigh in at less than two megabytes.

Arachne boasts full HTML 4.0 support, including frames, imagemaps, etc. JavaScript is currently in the works. It supports different character encodings and international fonts, as well as skins. It does an exceptional job rendering all web pages - one of my former web sites displayed correctly only in Internet Exploder and Arachne.

The DOS version has an elegant packaging system, and includes support for both PPP and Ethernet connections. Unfortunately, WinSock support was scrapped before it was ever implemented. It also supports many video cards, and uses a custom EMS/XMS interface. It supports multi-threaded content downloads, and will run on chips as old as i386, at very acceptable speeds.

The Linux version does its graphics through GGI, so it runs under svgalib, X, heck, theoretically even aalib! Being an alpha realease, it doesn't yet support many helper programs directly and crashes more than one would like, but then that's why it's alpha.

Unfortunately, Arachne itself is semi-commercial software, though most of its helper programs are released under the GPL or similar. One needs only to pay the registration key if one is using Arachne for commercial purposes, otherwise, it is free.