My computer is once again in working condition. I have been unable to write much over the past three or four days, due to the fact that I chose to screw with my computer.

It all started last week, when I had managaed to completely fill both of my hard drives. (It really didn't take that much -- between my two old hard drives, I only had about 1.2 gigs. Scary, hey?) Netscape began the annoying habit of copying over my preference files when I did anything.

So, Friday night, I said FUCK IT. I finally broke down and put the money out for a brand spanking new, adequately sized, 20 gig hard drive. Which, I am proud to say, I installed myself, with only minimal help from my SO (there was one screw I just couldn't seem to get off).

Then we decided that now that I had room, we should just get me the new version of Slackware and new Gnome stuff. I can actually put a spreadsheet program on my computer! Finally! And a graphing program! Woohoo!

Actually, the SO did most of that. I really don't know as much about Linux yet as I like to pretend I do.

It's so good to have everything back in order again. I can check my email compulsively once more!