God, am I ever tired.

My week still is not finished. I have two labs and an assignment that were due yesterday, but are still not finished. I'm not working on them either. I just finished sewing buttons on my jacket that had been caught on something or the thread gave out or whatever else happened. I was finally forced into action on the button front because I need my good jacket today.

It is my grandfather's funeral.

He was actually my stepdad's father, but I don't care what anyone says. He was family. He treated us like family, even though we were just stepchildren. And now he's gone.

I have been crying all week. We knew he was sick, but not that sick. This is a first for me; the first close relative that has died. The first person close to me whatsoever that has died, in fact. I guess you could say I'm not dealing with it well.

I'm sorry for bitching and wasting space, but I need to get it all out. Better now than when I help give the eulogy later today. I need to be all cried out by then.

Rest in peace, Grandpa Earl. I miss you already.