Swedish Snus and American wet tobacco like Skoal, Copenhagen etc are not the same thing.

Copenhagen, Skoal and the other American "snuffs" long- or short cut doesn't have the same strength nicotine wise as the swedish "snus". Neither can it be "molded" in the same way. Swedish snus sticks together better. if you just take a pinch or "bake" it into a ball first it will stay together in your mouth and you won't have to spit all the time like when using "snuff".

Also Snuff is usually placed in a loose pinch in the bottom lip, producing lots of saliva.

Snus is placed under your upper lip and is kept there until discarded.

Also the snuff drips more because it's more wet than snus. Even the snuff pouches drip alot whereas the pouches of snus are relatively dry and doesn't drip at all.


I hope this clears things up. If you have questions then just ask. I've used all kinds since I'm a Swede living in USA atm.