My election party was not party party fun fun. I had to keep telling Jeff and Brian to turn their frowns upside down. No one wanted to finish their cake because it was too rich and we were too low. The electorial maps were fun for a while, but then got frustrating. At one point, Jeff took sleepy sinus meds so that he would just fall asleep.

By the end of the evening I was exhausted. I slept soundly. And NPR couldn't even tell me who won this morning while gentlely pulling me from sleep.

I am not angry today, though. This could be the beginning of a new life for us all. No longer do we have to believe in America. There is no reason to live here. I have never been a patriot. I don't understand why some people love this country. I hate the pledge to the flag. But now, I have a reason. I can't imagine living in a world where half of my countrymen would vote for Bush.

So, Hello World.

Jeff and I argued in front of his work this morning about which countries are on the table for immigration. He wants Japan off the table. I want Canada off the table. But, really, I want the world on the table. Give me the world. I am not saying this with anger. I am saying this with hope. This election could change the course of my life. It could give me the freedom to consider not living here anymore. Of course, it could take time, years even, to plan to become a citizen of another country, but you know what? Watching these people vote for Bush has made me realize that I don't need America. I don't want to live among the religious right or anyone who thinks that God is more important than themselves. Or anyone who cares more for the unborn than the 5 years olds who need health care.

We talked a lot last night about what the Democrats will have to give up to take the country back. Abortion rights?, gay marriage?, blah blah. But you know what? Who cares. I don't need the Democrats. I don't need America. The world is full of other places where decent people live and take care of one another. The world is full of other places where birds fly and seasons change and people smile and cry and have babies and sing and dance. The world exists for me right now, more real than ever. This is not the rant of a sore loser, because I never cared for John Kerry. This is the rant of someone who is sick of seeing stupid people make terrible decisions based on nothing but fear.

So, hello world. I am happy to meet you.