These are tips for the first people (as individuals or as a group of people) to fly through time. Since no one has flown through time before, it is important that you take extensive notes so that later time flyers will know what to expect. Have paper and writing materials handy at all times, and also a tape recorder or other recording device, if permitted. If you fly backwards in time, try not to muck up history (but be aware, mucking up history may not really muck it up at all, but may just spin off a parallel universe, in which you may or may not get stuck); if you fly forwards in time, don't do anything upon your return that mucks up future history -- unless future history really sucks and deserves to be mucked up.

Keep your hands and feet in the time machine at all times, and stay alert to any sudden changes in the status of your existence. In the event of a time crash, your seat cushion may be used as a flotation device. But watch your coordinates, and avoid landing where a continent has sprung up since the last time you were there. Good luck, and enjoy your flight!!