Last night I dreamt that I was running with the Doctor, in a heretofore unaired episode of Doctor Who -- we were in a great underground city, with houses carved from stones or built from stone blocks with ribbed walls. We were running amongst these houses, being chased by the local authority types, the Doctor carrying a package under one arm. We rounded a curve and seemed to lose our pursuers as we ducked into one stone house, filled with stone furniture, and then out the back and into the next house, wherein the Doctor whipped out his sonic screwdriver and immediately found a secret panel in the wall, which caused a massive stone table to roll back, revealing a hidden compartment in the floor, in which the Doctor was able to quickly stow this package. And as he did, I got a close look at it and saw that it was.... a bale of marijuana.

That's right, my dream Doctor was a pothead. Today I learned coincidentally that Matt Smith will end his tenure as the Doctor this year, a sad moment by my reckoning (though opinions surely vary), as I've grown quite fond of his tenure in the role.


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