So I heard that porn sets across LA were shut down this week on an HIV scare.

This got me to wondering, why is any new porn being filmed, at all?

Consider this. The average lifespan is something short of 80 years. Let us suppose that for the first eleven years of our lives, we are generally oblivious to pornography. So that leaves 69 years. heheh. I mean, ahem. Now we spend around a third of our lives sleeping -- but let's be generous and suppose getting by on a little less sleep, a person could spend a straight 50 years looking at recordings of fellow humans squirming about in various sexual capacities. Porn during breakfast, lunch, and dinner; porn while bathing and showering and brushing one's teeth; porn while actually engaged in real live sex. Heck, even watching porn while making their own porn at home (I've seen it done).

Fifty years, that's 18,262 and a half days. That's 438,300 hours. That sounds like an awful lot of hours, yes, but there's an awful lot of hours of the saucy stuff that have already been filmed. Every single day, in dozens of studios strewn across California, Germany, Japan. In back rooms in the Philippines, Wyoming, and Paraguay. In rented houses in Romania and hotel rooms in Russia and bathhouses in Sweden and condos in Brazil, and all sorts of other places as well. One site, porndex, claims to index most of the porn on the Internet, to the tune of over 6 million vids -- most seemingly in the 20-30 minute range, so that by itself is over 2 millions hours of pornography. More than four full lifetimes worth. And, frankly, it is hard to imagine that in that collection, the average person couldn't find virtually every sexual activity they're interested in seeing on a screen, and spend their whole life watching it without ever enduring a repeat.

Note: corvus asks: "It isn't a matter of quantity, but instead quality, yes?" Well, yes, but out of the 2 million hours indexed by that one website (which, I presume, leaves out a lot of stuff made on video and never yet transferred to the Internet), there is a "best" 400,000 hours, the top fifth. And if you think about it, most people re-watch their favorite things several times, so there must be some leeway for that. You would have to watch at least a little bit of most of the already-existing vids just to figure out if any given one was likely to be "quality" or simply "quantity," and that by itself will consume the better part of a lifetime.

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