Ah, the ways of the Wiki world. When last I reported, Pandeism was in trouble from one or more anonymous attackers (for who can tell how many anonymous people are really one anonymous person) seeking to bring it down. The result? This is quite rich. The page has been split into two separate pages. One of these is all about "Pandeism," defined as "a doctrine that combines aspects of pantheism and deism. It holds that the creator of the universe actually became the universe, and so ceased to exist as a separate and conscious entity." The lack of capitalization both for names of other theological theories and for things such as Creator and Universe is apparently as per Wikipedia constraints.

But despite the thorough referencing of this definition, which hinges upon the essential phrase, "the creator of the universe actually became the universe," the article is bereft of a great many sources which discuss the Creator of our Universe becoming our Universe. Why? Because the solution to the non-problem initially identified is to create a second article with only these sources, titled "God becomes the Universe." Yes, really.

And so now they have two articles covering the same ground by different names. A stripped-down Pandeism article which is restricted by fiat decree to only references which use the word "Pandeism" to describe and define this theory (retaining just North of two dozen such references), and this other separate article which is restricted to only references which describe the Creator of our Universe wholly becoming our Universe, with its own two dozen or so references to this proposition. Interestingly, the editors in intently polishing the former article down to a skeletal nub removed a number of references actually discussing Pandeism by name. These were removed on the snap-made determination that these additional references were repetitive, or because this editor or that simply didn't like them. On the claim that nothing is added thereby, a 1904 reference opining that Matthew Arnold was not a Pandeist (but instead a Positivist) was stricken. And so was a much more recent interview with documentarian Bruce Parry, wherein he reveals that he himself is a Pandeist (albeit one verging on Atheism). And so was a 2004 article from The Christian Republic removed, apparently because it say behind a paywall].

And as to that second article, it retains only scant mention of "Pandeism" (although it is noted up front with the deflated observation that "Historically, some have used the term Pandeism, which combines aspects of Pantheism and Deism, to refer to such a theology," though the page offers no other name for such a proposition which has ever been used by anybody, leaving the impression that the only name to use (or, at least, the best one) is that one from which all such references have been stripped.

Such is (Wiki) life.


I was recently reading the node on keeping your data from the FBI; the node is closed to new posts, but my thought was that the simplest thing would be to simply start calling the FBI (and other law enforcement/spy agencies) ten or twelve times per day, insisting that your household produce has been communicating vital information to you (make sure the descriptions are always odd but never violent -- "my broccoli has informed me that I must ONLY buy generic potato chips!! the cauliflower has instructed me to put the spoons in the drawer head first -- HEAD FIRST!!"); then, label everything in your computer as "instructions from broccoli"; "instructions from carrots"; etc., and begin each document by writing how the vegetable in question has informed you of this or that. Make 40,000 such documents. Every snoop will write you off as a nut not worth looking further into, and your data will be safe, masked in plain site by the internalized preface, "according to the nutjob...."


Node auditing proceeds at a reeeeasonable pace:

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And pukesick is on page 4 of 29.

In the queueueu: avalyn; BookReader.

Blessings, all!!