Recently, the British government passed legislation clearing the way for developments in the cloning of human tissue for medical research. Pro-life groups around the world have denounced the bill, calling it "sacrilegious" and "a blatant disregard for the sanctity of human life."

This small beginning could lead to bigger things in the future," said one pro-life activist protesting in London. Little does he know just how right he is.

Those pathetic little philanthropist sheep will soon stop their bleating when my army of cloned super soldiers crushes their puny homes.

Brewed in vats hidden in secret locations spread throughout Europe and North America, my warriors will sweep across the land, crushing all opposition, taking from behind those pathetic fools who are "guarding" our borders.

The best part of it all is, not only are my troops genetically engineered to be physically and mentally superior to any other fighting force in the world, but they're as expendable as well. If a few die, I can just cook up some more!

Of course, once I've crushed the military forces, I'll have to take steps to quash any person or groups of people who might be a threat to my new regime. But really, in the end, the death of a few hundred million people is a small price to pay for my benevolent leadership.

By God it'll be glorious! I can almost hear the screaming now...

First published (by me) in the GaG, the University of Calgary's engineering student's newspaper.