So, for any of you who may have read my last daylog, and was wondering what happened with my missing tooth, yes I did get it all fixed up. And for those of you who didn't read it, well long story short, I broke a tooth off on a frozen Vector bar.

Headed into the dental clinic Thursday morning, quite conveniently missing a really boring lecture, by the instructor here at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School who speaks the least English. Apparently while I was gone, the platoon got in trouble for "chatting" while he was teaching. I think it's much more likely that what really happened is that he said kept saying stuff that people didn't understand, and people kept asking whoever was next to them what the heck it was he said. But anyways, I wasn't there, so I can`t really say.

So anyways, headed up to the clinic, and met the Major who would be fixing my tooth up. First off he had to fix up a cavity on the tooth next to it, and then he crafted me a nice fake little tooth. The best part is the way it's stuck in there. What they did is basically drilled a little hole in the new tooth, stuck a post in there, drilled a hole in the old tooth, and fit the post into there, and cemented it it.

Oh wait, did I say post? I meant to say paper clip. That's right, my new tooth is affixed in my face with a tiny little section of paper clip. I personally find this greatly amusing. Mind you, this thing is only supposed to be a temporary crown, something to make my smile not look so idiotic for the time being. Apparently they just don`t have the time or resources to get me set up with a permanent crown, one that'll be actually affixed with a solid post into my jaw. So, this'll do for the time being, until I get out to Halifax for my French language training.

I must say, that this whole free dental care deal that you get with the Navy is a good thing. I mean, I'd known that the dentist had screwed up this particular tooth when he had done my root canal, pretty much half a year after it was done. I should have gotten it taken care of years ago. However, during that time, I lost my dad's medical insurance, and my University's student's union dental plan was laughable. Ok, so right now it's only a stop gap solution, but it'll do for now, and it'll get fixed up right soon enough. I just gotta be sure to stay away from any more energy bars.

Anyhow, catch you later folks, and have a happy Easter if that's your thing.

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