So, it's been a pretty fun week for me here at basic training. Having completed our "indoctrination period", we were finally allowed off base last weekend, for the first time in 4 weeks. Most of my platoon headed into Montreal for a bit of relaxation / partying / blowing off steam. T'was certainly quite enjoyable. This was my first time in Montreal, and I must say I love the atmosphere in that city. It was a bit annoying with the whole not knowing french thing, but one of the bonuses of being an officer in the Canadian Forces is that immediately after I'm done basic training here, I've got 8 months of 2nd language training that should be able to fix up that problem right quick.

This entire week was either kind of slack and or fun. It was mostly administration stuff, or classroom work on stuff like leadership theory, which wasn't too bad. Then, on Thursday they tossed us into the gas hut, nice and full of CS Gas, which I've been told is rather similar to tear gas. Fortunately, we just so happened to have our gas masks with us, so if you knew how to throw it on correctly you didn't get much more than a mouthful of the gas. It wasn't too bad, stung a bit when it got on the skin and into your pores, but overall that was cool.

On Friday, we went out to the firing range. Despite the fact that it was -17° C, and we were laying on trhe frozen ground with snow blowing into our faces, that was fun. Apparently, I'm not all that good of a shot with the C-7, but I still managed to hit the target (from 100 m) most of the time, and more importantly, managed to pass the test. We got to fire off one 30 round magazine on automatic fire, which was pretty awesome. Those things really don't have as much kickback as I thought they would. That was the first and last time that we will be firing our rifles during the course. And, considering that I'm an engineer for the navy, quite possibly the last time I ever will, at least in the course of my duties.

So, the reason that this week was so relaxing is because of next week. We're going camping! Unfortunately, not that nice "sitting around the fire drinking beer and toasting marshmallows" camping. Moreso that not so nice "working your ass off all day and then having to stay up as sentry all night" kind of camping. No sleep and miserable cold. It should be a blast. Or, at least there will be some blasts when the Sargeant simulates an attack upon the platoon at 4 in the morning.

I expect this week to be completely miserable. That having been said, it's supposedly the most unpleasant that this course ever gets. Just gotta get past it, and it'll be all downhill from there.

But yeah, 5 weeks down, 9 to go, and then I should get back to actually having regular internet access. Damn I miss you guys.

Palpz's Basic Training Adventure!

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