Psych 112 M-W 7:45-9:15am

She doesn't know it, but six years ago, Professor Jane Dunn was a therapist of mine. This is the only topic of discussion to the students in her class. It makes me want to write an obese novel to beat her in the face with...

Cognitive Dissonance and You: The Subversive Power of Antidepressants, (Washington: Rank House Press, 1992)

Or better yet...

Dick and Jane Treat Their Cyclothymic Disorders, (New York: University of New York Press, 2003)

Edited and Illustrated by yours truly and six months of court ordered therapy. The titles, naturally, would have nothing to do with the content, much like her lectures so frequently abandon their chapter. Instead of Gustav Fechner, the unwanted poster-child of psychology, we talk about Joey Meth Freak who beats his dog, then we discuss Mr.Adamson's sexual frustration and how his wife contracted Gonorrhea. We hear all, even some names.

This makes me wonder, when she talks about that DCF case in '97, the pot-head who got emancipated after his Dad tried to shoot him with his Colt Anaconda hunting pistol, does she realize that she's talking about me?

"Mrs. Dunn?" I ask.


"That last patient you were just talking about, do you remember their name?"

A puzzling stare and Jane asked, "No?"

"Do you think they could sue you if you talked about their case publicly, say, in a classroom or amongst co-workers?"

Her brow furrowed. "Why do you ask?"

"Oh... no reason. Nevermind. Sorry!"