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Respect is everything.

Likes: Neural Nets,DEC Alpha ,Waiting for Godot, Linux, hell just email me.

Dislikes: Prigs, Blokes, and those types of folks.

Reason for being here, to make the strenght of the links to be&.model like a neural network.

Join the Neural Link Revolution. This write up is filled with poor grammer which I will fix at another time.

I think Writeup need format control at least carriage-returns, for ease of reading,&.or for posting poetry; however, I understand that might lead to this just being another web in a web. That is not the point I presume of everything. If anyone has some suggestions for clearity and readablity, please leave a follow up Writeup. &.

a shout out to:
High Performance Computing Group

They use FreeBSD, sorry not everyone digges Linux For all my friends:
Rainbow Pride

[Improvement of Everything