Gay Niggers from Outer Space, despite its name, is in fact neither homophobic nor racist. Rather, it’s an example of misogyny.

Warning: Spoiler

The plot involves a group of male, homosexual black (humanoid) aliens who come to earth. They immediately, having beamed down, set about vaporising all the females on the planet, country by country, and wherever they do so, the men breakdown, weeping with joy, and embrace the aliens who have liberated them from female oppression. Once their task is complete, the aliens leave earth a utopian paradise where every man loves every other man, where there is no want, no animosity, everyone is happy, and the world is a paradise, completely devoid of women, the cause of all conflict.

Everything about the film is designed to take attention away from its core theme. The name, the sci-fi setting, the plain ridiculousness of it all. It is a REALLY funny film, but its politics are absolutely horrendous. Perfect for guys getting over being dumped (by members of the opposite sex).

toalight has pointed out to me that it might be making light of feminazis. However, I think there far too much feeling in the film for this to be the case. I'm certain the writer/director really believes women are the cause of all unhappiness.

nk adds that Gay Niggers From Outerspace was supposedly filmed in front of a live studio audience and sponsored by a beer company (this information is in the credits).