\     /
                   \    0 ^ 0    /
                     \ (     ) /
         (     /   /  )#######(  \   \     )

         (___/___/__/           \__\___\___)
            (     /  /(#######)\  \     )
             (__/___/ (#######) \___\__)
                     /(       )\
                   /   (#####)   \

At a payphone rang in downtown Portland I met two other beekeepers. A fourth beekeeper was waiting. At 1453PDT, that fourth answered the phone, had a conversation with the other end, and named the other three of us as fellow crewmembers. He was then asked to pass the phone to me.

Operator, is this really you?
Yes, it is.
They might be listening in. They seem to be everywhere. I'm sure I can find you if I just ask the right questions.
Can you tell me the name of my favorite song?

Stormy weather.
Good, you remembered. Do you know it?
Yes. [I fumble for my crib sheet]
Can you sing it for me?
Sure. [I hum the first line as find the lyrics sheet, coming in at] stormy weather, since my man and I ain't together, keeps raining all...
Good. Do you have a favorite song?
Yes, Papageno's aria from The Magic Flute.
Can you sing it for me?
[singing] Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja! Stets lustig, heißa, hop-sas-sa! Ich Vogelfänger bin bekannt bei Aly und im ganzen Land.
I know that! Does it continue, [singing] Voi che sapete che cosa è amor?
That's another Mozart aria!
Why do you like that song?
Well, the opera it's from is about challenges and acheivement.
What is your name?
Uh-ro-bo-rus. What is your rank?
What ship did you serve on?
The Apocalypso.
So you're one of my crewmembers.
Crewmember, I have a mission for you:
I need you to broadcast to the rest of the crew that I have hunted down and encrypted the rogue process with a code sequence. It will be trapped there forever.

Alright. I can do that. Is there any other mission?
Not right now.
Do you know anything about an A.I. called Durga?

No. What is Durga?
Durga is a threat. Durga is a security breach. These communication channels are not secure. Can I contact you again over a more secure line?
Yes. I have a chatter number.
[she asks for my phonenumber and I give it to her]
Now, you understand in the future I can't call you directly and compromise security. But I'll transmit to you once a week. Do you agree to this?
Yes, I do.
I must go. This connection is not reliable.

Information as to the current state-of-game is available at ilb.extrasonic.com/index.php/Main_Page.