A gamestore in Oakland, EndGame stocks RPGs, minatures and wargames, import and traditional board games, and CCGs.

Aaron is the name of that freaky-looking guy with long hair and a chin piercing who stands behind the counter. He is actually quite nice, and is a hardcore gamer.

At 3344 Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland, CA. Across the street from a Starbucks and a Noah’s Bagels, next door to World Savings Bank. Just a few doors up from an all-night donut shop!

In Peter Greenaway's film Drowning by Numbers, the morbid little boy Smut plays this game, at the end of the film, as the numbers increment from 96 to 100.

The object of this game is to dare to fall with a noose around your neck from a place sufficiently off the ground such that a fall will hang you. The object of the game is to punish those who have caused great unhappiness by their selfish actions. This is the best game of all because the winner is also the loser and the judge's decision is always final.