The ball is round.
The game lasts ninety minutes.
These are facts.
Everything else is theory.

from Lola Rennt

    Klaproth has visited the following writeups, and reduced them to the nodegel from whence they came
  • Ys Books 1 and 2 by Dark Fact old E1 WU with little to say
  • Taco Bell by xunker superseded, not that I've stopped eating there or anything
  • Convolution by vireo superseded
  • Department of Redundancy Department by Seqram, WickerNipple, ryano, Roninspoon a series of short silly lines attempting to illustrate annoying redundancy
  • onion bhaji by Osmosis a "news story" about a failed attempt at the the world's largest onion bhaji
  • October 14, 2004, April 27, 2004, April 19, 2004, January 23, 2004, February 22, 2003, March 22, 2003, January 19, 2003, November 15, 2002, October 5, 2002, August 30, 2002, May 30, 2002, Aeris, Aunt Bessie's, BBQ Chicken Breast with Zucchini Sauce, Be nice to smokers: any cigarette can be their last, Clean to scream, Do your own thing, Foundations, General MIDI instrument list, Happy Hour, Joe Robot, Kwik Snax, Pauline, Phlebitis, PHP code for email validation, A poem by Queenie, Poems Written Before Jumping out of an 8 Story Window, Old gits magazine, Save Ferris, Straight as Quo, Tove Torvalds, toothbrush, The Vexed Engine, and web counter all by BuffcorePhil at the noder's request, some housecleaning before the long winter
  • ziggurat by Sinergy superseded
  • Washington Irving by yossarian and Jet-Poop superseded
  • First Tube by velocitygirl much too short
  • Photon torpedo by AlfBoy superseded
  • Remember, Remember, the 5th of November by The Custodian superseded
  • Froton Torpedo by Triune not a weapons produced by the Frobozz Naval Armaments Corporation, but a surprising haircare product
  • 20 things to be learned from video games by MissCreant and The Custodian list nodes are just as GTKY as question nodes; however "Miss Creant and the Custodian" sounds like a great name for a band
  • 20 things to be learned from Street Fighter by Easy Tiger didn't include "hints for burning airlines"
  • Heartthrob actors playing bass in small-time rock bands by AllergicToEverything two examples do not a conspiracy make
  • !Kung San by Durruti first node with all the attendant problems, plus plagiarism
  • Times when you MUST have a smoke by first node with all the attendant problems
  • Pimple by CaptainSpam "One of the Battletoads." no one wants to read a node for every character who appeared in an 8-bit NES games
  • grenade, minigun, homing pigeon, homing cluster bomb, sheep launcher, prod, homing missile, and mortar by CaptainSpam no one wants to read a node for every weapon used in the Worms series of games
  • Conroy Bumpus by CaptainSpam no one wants to read a node that merely identifies a minor character in a comicbook series
  • El Blablazo by CaptainSpam nodes on television gameshows in languages other than english is an area which needs more representation on Everything2, but please try to describe the show at least as well as The Price Is Right
  • Quat Rinse by CaptainSpam no one wants to read a node for every cleaning agent used in modern society
  • Judge Doom by CaptainSpam no one wants to read a node for every minor character in an animated movie
  • White Hole by CaptainSpam science filtered through comedy shows does not a good node make
  • pocket rocket by CaptainSpam, VT_hawkeye, and ZamZ vehicle in a videogame series, nikname for a hockey player, nickname for cheap wine
  • Kurt Cobain haunts Compaq laptop by popabawa dated "news" story of little relevance
  • World of Warcraft by Syntari, Gemini, and Rushton after such a long period of hype that two noders have seemingly fled or lost their way back to E2, this game has been released, and reviewed in this node
  • Crimson Skies by Superunknown_GP incredibly superseded
  • October 23, 2004 by arcanamundi at the noder's requestee
  • Obesity in 2004 by GoulishBark a bloated attempt at a tumorous satire
  • Viking Knotwork by Zoinq at the new noder's request
  • representation by 90% fat free a paucity of information better explained at representation of groups
  • Broken Toy Shop by dogwalker album reviews not track listings
  • de Broglie's relation by SpeedFreek superseded
  • cranium rats by ShadowNode and Tiefling taken by spiders with human heads!
  • Many-as-one by ShadowNode and Tiefling someone called the exterminator
  • Caine by Tiefling at the noder's request
  • Pentabarf by dmd superseded by the Principia Discordia

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