It was a nice, mild day today, though most Arizonans probably thought the weather was crap. (Only 81 degrees out!) There was actually some moisture in the air today, what's more.

Monsoon season is probably on the way. Good. I like rain. I'm homesick for Seattle, for christ's sake.

Today was my e-friend loffen's 21st birthday, and he was feeling crappy and depressed over there in Norway, but I sent him a card from and it looks like it cheered him up. Good.

There's this reasonably attractive girl who lives in our apartment complex and just gives me this odd look whenever she walks past. I'm usually outside smoking a cigarette without a shirt on, so maybe she doesn't like smokers, or maybe it's the fact that I have a keg instead of a six-pack that disgusts her so.

On Thursday, a large sum of money will become available to me, (fucking bank!) and I am comparing different digital cameras and looking at VAIO notebooks. No offense, Cybergoat, but personally the FX-290 is The sexiest laptop in the world as far as I'm concerned. :)