My Suggestions to this crowed node

  • Work out with people - If you don't have work makes who want to play - go down the gym and sign up for something - you'll meet new mates, and get excercise done - everyone's happy

  • Don't scedule too much - If you feel constained by your need to work out, you may put less effort into it and that doesn't help you out

  • Keep a log of achivement. Even if its a mental one, keep knowing your getting better

  • Missing working out for a week or two because you have too much on your plate is acceptable - as long as you get back to work afterwards

  • Do a variety of things - I dislike doing weights in the gym. I much prefer doing circuits with my friends for an hour, and then playing a bit of badminton, indoor football (soccer), or even extreme frisbee.

  • You don't need a fully fitted gym. Weights can help body sculpting, but you can excercise your muscles by using your body, and perhaps one or two simple pieces of equipment - a mat and a chin-up bar

  • Get a dog. A gun dog is best. These beasts require several walks a day, and are happy to run instead of walking. Run until the dog is tired. This works very well

  • Stretch

  • And finally, for those like me, in the Army. Remember that all Physical Training Instructors, might be a mate down the pub, but complete bastards on the training fields