As mentioned by San, Oasis is a brand of fruit drinks (in the UK at least). However, I find them quite delicious, and so think it only fit that a bit more is said about them.

I forget when I first saw them, about 97-8 would be about right, possibly before that. They first came out in large-ish glass bottles (not unlike Snapple), that had the deceptive effect of making you think that the drink was colder/nicer than it actually was. They changed this some time last year, to 500ml plastic bottles and possibly changed the recipe too (or is that the effect of the bottle again ? Hmmm ...)

On my travels, I've seen four flavours :

  • Blackcurrant (bit chemical tasting, I'm enjoying one this very minute)
  • Raspberry (I don't like raspberries in general, but this isn't too bad if cold)
  • Summer Fruits (the standard, quite nice)
  • Lemon (not always seen, enjoyable)

Captions on the bottle past and present include "Chill with the Still" and "Open, Pour, Be Yourself Oncemore". Fantastic. If only they'd bring back the glass bottles.

According to mkb, Oasis is sold in France as well, including an ice tea range. Cheers !