Taking a nap during the day has yielded the strangest dreams. I realize that so much flows through my mind during the day that if I fall asleep thinking the slightest thing it tends to end up in a strange dream. Especially while listening to music(which in this case was Foo Fighters- -Walking after you). This normally doesn't bother me unless the dream is too real. This one was quite painful. Memories of day dreams never realized is a painful painful reality.

We were slowly dancing.

Tonight im tangled in my blanket of clouds - dreaming aloud.

I could smell him.
I could feel him.
This wasn't a memory - we've never really danced together.
We were older, he was still so handsome.

If you'd accept surrender I'll give up some more , weren't you adored.

The song was playing in the backround.
We fell together, just like before; but different in a way.

Another heart is cracked in two.

He lifts my chin with his hand the way he did when he first kissed me.
The slow, sweet guitar plays in the background as we kiss.
Then I woke up.

I wasn't sad. I wasn't relieved. I didn't want to see him, but I didn't want to be alone. It has been a truly strange month, so much going on. I don't understand it at all.