Some days I wake up and Italy seems so ... annoying. But then I look at the way the light moves and shimmies and it gets better quick.

Over the weekend I broke my glass pipe. Ohhhh I'm still a bit ssad about this. I mean Nothing lasts 4 ever... but this glass had been with me nearly 5 years. It was the longest I had ever held on to one. I've owned dozens, but this one was extra special. I got it in Veneta, Oregon at the Oregon Country Fair site when the Furthur festival played there in the summer of '96.

I had bought a bunch of hash and was busy swinging it. I traded an 1/8 of hash for 1/4 of some old, old, old KGB. Then I sold half of that... latter in the night (they never cleared the parking lots and allowed people to party all night long) I met a girl who deperately wanted to trade me this pipe for those buds. I wasn't going to do it at first, but then my heart changed.

In the morning when I gave a glance over to the new pipe I was plesantly suprized. It was heavy and blown inside out, a nice piece of work.

Now it's gone. Oh well... I immediately wnet to the market (Porta Pallazo) and bought another pipe (little, hand made Peruvian hash pipe) and then proceeded to buy a new pair of pants and a shirt. Spending money always makes me feel better after I break something.

The rest of the weekend passed by in a haze. Slept late on Sunday, tried to make Thai soup on Saturday. Noded 9 entries for the annual report project at work.