I found her!!

She was hiding in a small shop in my college's hometown, there is not a big shopping district so I had written off even checking to see if such a shop existed. After several months of searching and the torture endured at David's Bridal I pulled out the phonebook and started go thru the yellow pages. Had a shopping list of stores to visit, but all were disappointing - seems the current style now is strapless, and quite frankly I hate that style makes one look like there's a tortoise shell pulled up around their torso. Plus I'm going to be dancing and enjoying myself I don't want any risk of dress 'malfunction'.

After an afternoon of disappointment and the determination to find her, we entered the last store on the list. All day we had searched and only one place had come close to a decent dress - but it was over-decorated with pearls and everything quite a dress for royalty the lady in the shop even said if I want to look like loyality it's perfect if not I'll look like a pauper in another dress from somewhere else. The dress was heavy for starters, and the final decision was the fact that from the mesh netting on the sleeves I was read and itching - quikly ruled the dress from the running.

At the little dress shop in Kent there was not a very large selection, I didn't get my hopes up when I started sifting through the single rack of dresses. Much to my suprise I was heading back to the dressing room with a handful of dresses and feeling all giggly and excited inside and confident one of these were the one.

The last dress I tried on was an matte satin white simple but elegant dress - it did have a slightly girly bow on the back which I was trying to avoid but it more of a rose with dangling rose buds. The train is detachable by snaps so no need to get a bustle and look like I have a big back-end. It was perfect with several elegent lace cut-outs, embroideries and little pearls elegently randomly placed about the dress. BUT the best finishing touch was the poofy slip that made the dress radiate - I was thrilled. At this point of parading around the store to make sure the walk feels right I signalled my mom that this would most definetly have to have a down payment put on - best of all the dress was being discontinued by the manufacturer so it was half price! After picking out a nice veil, the night was complete!

Now only to finish invitations, decorations, groom and grooms men tuxes, cake, flowers, rings...oh my!! And only 111 days left!