prounced: POO-lee

What is a Puli?

The Puli is an ancient breed of Hungarian sheep dog, is mid-size and has dreadlocked coat. An untrimmed and unbrushed adult will have dreads to floor length, a brushed Puli if untrimmed will eventually look like Cousin Itt. The Puli has almond shaped eyes that are dark brown and has medium not so floppy ears.


The Puli is a lively, spry dog. Dating back to the ancestory they were raised around the herd and shepards and hence have been known to make good family dogs, expect around young children unless raised from puppyhood with the children. The dogs are said to be intelligent, but even according to owner Oolong they have a mind of their own. Similiar to many others dogs such as the German short haired pointer they do well in obedience and agility field trials. This non-agressive dog thou still wary of strangers will 'notify' it's masters vocally instead of ripping a leg, or two off.

Sizes (according to owners, since I am not an owner I'm not directly sure of the statistics but these are what others had to say

Height: male dogs are 16 to 17½ inches. And females 14½ to 16 inches. Weight: for the males 25-35 pounds Bitches 20-30 pounds - seems like you would have a much heavier dog thou by it's appearance from the outside with all the dreadlocks.

If you have one of these friendly dreaded four legged friends - they are averaged at living 12 or more years.

*More to be added later regarding the orgin, my grandmother owned a Puli and she used to tell us stories of how the ancestors took them across the Karpathian mts. - so I'll write that once I get a response from her*