Supplement written by master writer Steve Long for Last Unicorn Games' Star Trek roleplaying line.

After LUG and the Star Trek RPG liscense were purchased by Wizards of the Coast, and then the Star Trek liscence was handed to Decipher by Paramount, all Star Trek RPG books in the pipeline were put in (seemingly) permanent limbo.
However, Long and many other writers were granted the rights to the material that they themselves had written by WOTC. Since Long had written Spacedock completely on his own, Long was quite generous, and released it online in Adobe Acrobat format (after being laid out by Don Mappin).

The book itself is in two main sections. The first, is the Starship Construction Rules, in which custom ship classes can be created using an in-depth rule system. The section also introduces an expanded set of ship stats, which must be five times as complex as the relatively simple set of statistics provided for each ship class by LUG. Everything from number of transporter rooms, to the amount and type of crew quarters, to the location and strength of phaser banks can be modeled. New ship classes are frequently uploaded to the message boards at

The second section concerns itself with a vastly expanded set of rules for starship combat. The original LUG system was relatively simple, in which a ship's energy weapons could fire in any arc, shields were a simple affair, and the main rolls to be rolled was that of the tactical officer trying to score a hit on the opposing ship. The new rules, however, certainly allow the other positions on the bridge much more interaction in combat. The Chief Engineer can help squeeze out more power, the flight controller can perform a multitude of attack and defense maneuvers, the captain can make starship tactics skill rolls, the sensors operator can try to establish target locks on enemy ships... along with new firing arcs, and a generally more robust set of combat rules, LUGTrek space combat just got a whole lot more exciting.

Spacedock can be downloaded (for free!) at