This is a Red Letter Day for me. Yesterday my cabin was given the full work-up for electrical, LAN, Internet and Cable-TV wiring- which was a stupendous occasion, I might say. But today tops it: I got a coffee machine. A gallon jug of water, some Maxwell House, some non-dairy creamer and some sugar... these things, when used with my new coffee maker, conspire to make this a happy home.

My Inner Sanctorum is finally complete. I have 'net, TV, electricity and coffee at ready access whenever I want it, no muss no fuss. The only thing lacking is running water (still have to go into my landlord's house to do my "business"), but I now no longer have to leave home just to check my email or enjoy some friendly caffeine.

I can concentrate. I can relax. I can live in peace and quiet. I can feed my antisocial tendencies without offending others. I can go for days at a time without someone prodding me for advice on how to fix their problems. Now, when I want to go out, I can do so for the sole purpose of wanting to be around other human beings.

More time spent at home in my off hours means less money spent while out.

This, I am certain, is A Good Thing (tm).

All hail a trouble-free lifestyle.