Another Uberman's Sleep Schedule Blog. (cont.)


4:12 AM Monday June 7, 2004 - Oops I did it again. I over-slept this morning, though not nearly as badly. My 7:00 AM nap ran until 9:00 AM. Oh well. But it's better than last night I guess. Because of the extra sleep I skipped my 3:00 PM nap with no noticeable side-effects. Hopefully tonight I can make it through without any over-sleeping at all. I've also been falling asleep much faster in my naps. At first I barely slept at all, and if I did, it was very briefly at the end of my 20 minutes. Now it takes me around 5 minutes to fall asleep, so I just add 5 more minutes to my alarm to compensate. One thing I'm disappointed with, however, is my lack of remembering my dreams. I was hoping I would have increased dream recall and possibly start lucid dreaming again, but no such luck. I think it may be due to my waking up and jumping right out of bed. I don't spend 5 minutes laying awake like I used to when I slept 'normally'. So I'm going to work on this. Otherwise, besides the over-sleeping, it's going great! I bought two jugs of grape juice today as was suggested, so I will be drinking that regularly. I'm going to continue to log my progress until I stop over-sleeping, and am in the full-swing of the schedule.