A couple of things have crossed my mind today

I was quite amused, some kid on the bus claimed to me that i had a boring life, I made a few comments on friday, he twisted what I said "so you fucked a toilet cos you couldn't get a girl on your 18th birthday", what was more interesting is that he wasn't showing off to any of his mates. It was as if my presence was somehow offending him, it was unprovoked, I didn't do or say anything to him. After this attack on my life, I was quite nice to him (I wonder what goes through his mind).

I wrote a rather offensive email while drunk on that same Friday to someone I have known for a while, and have grown to dislike. I simply told him why I don't like him, and his friend. What was interesting was that they both completely misinterpreted what I was saying, which meant that they didn't get the point I was getting accross and even seemed to ignore the very obvious parts of it. Their conclusion was that i was a geek with no life.

The guy who recieved the email is much better than others, but that day, he provoked me with his bullshit.

On reflection it would seem that a lot of people think I don't have a life. I know the person from the third paragraph quite well and know what he does, which is do the same thing, week after week. Isn't that against the meaning of life?

Any /msg's of comments or nodes that I might find helpful would be nice. This is the rant of my mind