Upon seeing two kinds of traps in action, I write the following:

The movie theatre where I work has mice.

There are traps everywhere. And the other day, when I went to the stock room to get something, I discovered they added 'glue traps' to their method of dispatching the poor critters. With all the mice, the staff has traded mice-catching stories many times over. A fellow employee of mine had bad bad things to say about the glue trap... namely things like finding it covered in fur, and with a limb or two stuck in it, with no mouse...


So, upon discovering that they had laid glue traps, I shook my head and went about looking for a case of Gatorade.

But then I heard the squeaking. At first I thought it was the heating vents... but then I saw the tiny tremble of the glue trap at my feet. I picked it up and unlatched the top, to find a teeny tiny cute mouse with its hind quarters glued to the trap. There was a ring of hair all around it, its tiny body struggling to free itself. I put it down. I looked at it for a moment. Should I just ignore it and let the trap do its work?

I went to the box office nearby to talk to the box and door person. They told me to get a manager, that they'd kill it. I frowned, and went back to the stock room. Looking back at the trap, I discovered another mouse, stuck in a classical spring mouse trap, who had been killed instantly. I looked at the quivering glue trap, and then at the still wood and metal contraption. I grabbed some cardboard and worked at freeing its back legs. Its tail was the hardest to get out, but I finally did, and it was gone in the blink of an eye.

That night, we removed the glue trap from our department.

I respect all life. Nothing deserves that kind of death. I hope it learned, and warns all the other mice, and then they can all have quick deaths.

No one at my work knows... And some day I will meet that mouse again, and then maybe it won't run away.