The other day, while at work at SAAN, I was busy doing my job when one of my co-workers asked me to move the toy guns from out of any children's reach. Apparently the noise annoyed the hell out of her (I was slightly amused at this because I could tolerate it just fine). So I got her the ladder and told her to do it. She told me she was on cash. I said, "No, you just put Liz on cash." She said Liz was actually busy and she'd have to go back right away. She then watched me put the guns up while talking to Gwendle and doing jack all.

Eventually she went away, though I don't think it was back to cash, and I begrudgingly went on with my job. Then, upon trying to fold up the ladder to move it, I got my finger crushed in it. It was so bloody and bloody painful... The ladder dropped and I ran to the back room with my finger over my cupped hand to catch the blood. Passing another co-worker of mine of the same age (who's wanting to quit more than I do), I said "Fucking hell, I fucking slammed my finger in the ladder." She followed me in and found me rinsing my fingertip under cold water (though even at the time I was thinking 'god, the water's still bad from the storms, I hope it won't make this infected' as the water is still pretty yellow and silty). She went to get someone to help me.

Both my hands were shaking. It hurt like a bitch. I felt kind of stupid not being able to handle a split nail... I've never had it happen before and did not know it would hurt so much. This goes farther than just “ow my finger.” I'm a pianist. I'm gearing up for this year's Music Festival. I'm TRYING to learn three grade ten (RCM) pieces. I can't practice (well, at least with my left hand) and I don't know when I can resume normally.

Now my co-worker (my friend, the one who went to get help) knew the whole story because she also thought that I should not have been the one to move the guns. I ended up going home. My boss came into work and asked my friend what had happened. She gave her the scoop. My lazy cashier co-worker was not in at work when I was there next… I don’t know if she will be again.

In this job, everyone’s replaceable. Four or five new people were in today, working stock. We get along ok and help eachother out anyway, but there’s a difference between laziness and helpfulness. Don’t fuck around. If you’re doing a job, do it. Make sure it’s done properly. Don’t let anyone else pull your weight. Do it all yourself unless you really need a hand. And just because you’ve been there less time than someone else has it doesn’t mean they can tell you what to do if you’re both wearing the same title on your nametag.

Don't fuck around.
Do it right the first time.

This has been a message has been brought to you by the frustration of working at SAAN and has been psychically sent to my co-workers. Do it. Do it now!