Another day after an election, another chance to witness democracy in action. I have always wondered how exit polls work, I have no background in stats, so its always been a question to how it works. Everyone I talked to yesterday had not been asked any questions about voting, yet the races in my area were called before results were in. I wonder, was anyone here that voted last night asked to take part of an exit poll? I have voted in the last four elections, all without being asked any questions afterwards. How do they select which districts to poll? Better yet, in the public surveys you hear, example "only 45% of the country thinks Bush is doing a good job", I have never ever been asked what I thought about that. How come?

In other news, I'm glad my thoughts about the election being decided in the courts ended up wrong. I am glad to see most things went well, besides the reported problems.

Work today is busy for some reason, a lot of phone calls, and even more voicemail. My biggest pet peeve is when you are listening to a voicemail from someone about a problem and the same person calls and leaves another message about the same problem. It does not make me want to help solve their problems.