Well its been awhile since I wrote a daylog, I've been working on trying to get some more actual content into my nodes instead of just random thoughts about my day and how things are going. Not much has changed since I wrote my last daylog. I'm not teaching as much as I used to... I think I have lost the love for it that I once had, or maybe I didn't like it that much in the first place, but forced myself to do it.

I'm working now almost full time doing customer support for a local ISP, Iserv Company, which provides its own frustrations and enjoyment. Like last night when a customer called in and was having problems double-clicking. Its almost impossible at that point to set them up on the Internet. Oh well...

I have recently passed the Windows 2000 Professional Exam, making me an MCP, now I'm working on Windows XP, which will be a cake walk beacuse its almost the same as the first test.

Life is good