Iserv is a Michigan Internet Service Provider that opened its doors in 1995. It began with its primary focus on providing local residential dialup access to Grand Rapids and has now grown to cover both business and residential throughout all od the state.

In order to keep pace with the growth of the company, Iserv moved offices in 1999 to its current facility. What was once an old warehouse has now become a high tech office space. The data center is one of the best data centers in the state.

There are various services available through the data center including co-location and web hosting. Along with these services, Iserv provides WAN support and dedicated lines, ranging from ISDN to T-1's.

In order to help increase its sales, Iserv has developed several programs that partner with local business. The Affinity program allows employees of Iserv partners to receive a discounted rate on their Internet usage. The program is a marketing program that is with several retails stores that are allowed to resell Iserv.

Iserv is currently growing to reach the entire state of Michigan with a local dialup number.

As I noded about where I work, it seemed to become more of a sales pitch then information. Maybe I have a career in sales..... for more info goto

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