I may be in the minority here that supports the decision to go to war with Iraq, but I think its about time we took care of Sadaam and delt with everything we should have finished a long time ago.

I remember the Gulf War very well, I was 13 years old and in junior high. I was at my Wednesday night youth group when they announced the bombs were falling and war was on. I remember being excited about the war and letting others know about it. I was young and thought it was the coolest thing to happen so far. I rememeber one girl who was crying because her father was now going to be in the war and possibly die.

I got all behind the Gulf War, maybe because my parents were behind it. I had the Gulf War trading cards, a 'These colors don't run t-shirt and other Gulf war stuff. This time I'm still behind the President and think we should go to war. Lets get this done.