I got my E2 coffee mug in the mail today, now I proudly support my addiction. I don't remember from which shop I bought it, but go out there and support your addiction.

Over the start of 2003, I haven't had the time or desire to node as much as I used to. I written several daylogs and posted maybe one or two updates to some of the projects I have been working on. Work has been too busy to really spend anytime on here and I'm working on several other projects at home as well.

I have felt more and more lately that E2 is a community now that I have joined several groups and participated in several discussions via /msg. Also there are a lot of new noders out there striving, maybe even crying for help and attention. A good /msg with a bit of advice seems to go along way. In fact of tbe new noders I have had conversation with they have all stuck around and moved on up closer to their next level. So encourage newbies, make them feel welcome and even invite them to join your group.