Some thoughts on the wedding process, after dealing with it for the last year and being under 2 months away from the big day.

First, I recomend not having a big wedding, trust me its easier and less expensive. In fact, offer to take any money the folks would spend on the wedding and use it for other reasons. Buy a house, use it for a sweet honeymoon, anything other then a huge ceremony. Trust me its not worth the stress and energy placed into it.

Now before people start flaming me with messages about the fact I feel this way is because I'm a man has nothing to do with it. My fiancee feels the same way I do about this. We have planned the whole wedding ourselves, and I do mean we. I have been quite involved in the whole process, unlike most fellows I know.

The second thought I have on the wedding process is the whole shower bit. Tradition states that the groom, me, needs to show up at the end of the shower and meet the guests and pick up the gifts. But out of all the friends that are married I've spoken with they have not done this bit. Does this ever happen?

A final thought... Why do people buy you gifts of crystal for the wedding? I would much rather prefer something practical, like dishes, towels, power tools, or anything else that can be used right away....