I would like to offer proof that global warming is not happening, an ice storm in April. In fact I read an article posted on slashdot about how temps are not getting higher, I know this as it snows and freezing rains here.

On Friday night, West Michigan was hit with an ice storm, some places have over an inch of ice when it is all said and done. Trees are down all over, power is down all over and cable is out. At one time Consumers Power lists over 385,000 people without power.

My fiancee and I were sitting in a local restraunt when we saw a line go down. What a brilliant display of light, the sky was bright blue for a bit, then everything went dark. There is a kind of eerie feeling driving through streets that are normally lit bright with street lamps or lights from buildings and houses. Stop lights become 4 way stops and the world sort of slow downs.

It is Monday, and here I am at work, we didn't lose power at all, thanks to the generator, but for some reason we don't have out or in bound phones. We called the phone company but they are so far behind that it will take a long time to get things back to "normal". Oh well, at least I have power and E2.