I enjoy the days that I get here at work before anyone else. It gives me time to get my day started and organized and gives me at least 20 minutes of time when I can get a project started and hopefully finished before my phone starts to ring off the hook.

As I mentioned in yesterday's daylog I was trying to prove to my boss that backups were important. One key word that helped me achieve victory is auditors. I mentioned how it was something in our IT audit that was recommended and this was how I was going to answer the point. So the president decided to do the backups once a month.

Another point of contention is the fact we at the bank have several key upgrades this summer and the president wanted these updates done off hours, as in the middle of the night. Well there's a slight problem, our support level at IBM doesn't allow for middle of the night support, especially in the install of an OS upgrade. So there a whole Saturday down the drain, involed in an upgrade. All I can hope for is that it is easy and simple. I pray that it goes off without a hitch.