The 20th episode of the Cowboy Bebop anime series.

Possibly the scariest, most serious of these episodes, it mixes drama and intense action with a touch of baroque and a farcical yet empathical ending.

In this episode, Spike Spiegel accidentally witnesses the execution of a high-ranked government official. The killer, nicknamed Pierrot Le Fou (Mad Pierrot), turns on him, as he has the habit never to let anyone alive behind. Spike hardly escapes the fight, with many injuries. He then is challenged to a duel by Pierrot Le Fou, who wants to finish his task.

Despite Faye Valentine and Jet Black's warning, Spike takes on the offer. With the help of Ed and in order to help Spike, Jet tries to get more info on this Pierrot le Fou, who keeps on assassinating high ranking officials of the Police, the Army and the Government for no fathomable reason.

The music and ambiance in this episode are eerie, and convey the mental sickness of Spike's terrifying opponent.

This episode is independant from the others, and is in complete contrast , in atmosphere and plot, with the previous and following episodes, Wild Horses and Boogie Woogie Feng Shui.