The mysterious superkiller nicknamed "Pierrot le Fou" in the 20th episode of the anime series Cowboy Bebop. Spoilers ahead, if you have the intention to watch this anime, you might want to stop reading.

Tongpu is a genetically engineered clone (the 46th clone) created as part of the ISSP assassination agents enhancement program to become the perfect killing machine. The training he went through was so inhuman that his mind regressed to an almost larval stage. He was then "canceled", and sent to a detention center. But as he was transfered, his mind somehow awakened and he escaped. By the time Spike meets him he's a child mind, with absolute cruelty and irresponsibility, in a superhuman body, and takes revenge in killing ISSP high-ranking officials.

Tongpu can levitate, repulse bullets, fight hand to hand faster than Jet Li, and carries the single most impressive collection of mass-destruction weaponry under his strange, outfashioned disguise. He can resist a direct explosion and has unmatched reflexes, stamina and strength. "He appears with a smile, and leaves with a smile". His only weakness is his phoby of cats, that he developed because of the omnipresence of a Data-Cat (a Data-animal is generally a pet which has some cybernetic prothesis to continuously record info) during his training. This soft spot is the reason why Spike finally defeats him.

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