I had the most lucid dream last night...

Now, It'd make a great write up to today's dream log, if it weren't for one basic flaw: Well over half of it is made up, now, in order to fill in the holes left by memory.

You see, I like to write, though I don't have much in the way of inspiration, most times. So when I woke out of this insane dream, I suddenly found myself working, changing, altering bits and pieces of it, all just to smooth it out and lend a more easily followed plot. In the dream I was simply living it all out, so I didn't take time to stop and question any part of it.

Once I woke up, I just had to write something about it. I grabbed up a journal and got to work. By the time I had written several pages, the original dream was just a shade in my mind. I wish I had more skill at straight-thought writing. If I didn't think so much about it it'd be such a lovely story.