Often this phrase is used, with the implication that this is a bad thing. Yes, religion can be (among other things) a crutch for weak people. However, there is no shame in using a crutch when your leg has been broken.

"A single human lifetime is far too short a period in which to discover how to live a life."
--D. Stephenson Bond

In practically all of the arts and sciences, we learn what other people have learned and go forward from there. Even in everyday life, we do not have to reinvent the wheel to drive a car. Why then should the deeper meanings of the universe be the only discipline in which we have to "think for ourselves" and not learn from the experiences of others, discarding the knowledge gained in the past?

If you think the religion is true, then don't hesitate to use it. That's what it's there for.

Side rant: Yes, I know some people do go without any religion after having studied and thought about it on their own. It's also entirely true some people merely discard it because they don't like what it teaches--as though they think their opinion affects what would be a fundamental truth about the universe!--or because of purely superficial reasons such as not liking the other adherents. And yes, the previous two sentences can equally apply to people taking up or changing religion also.